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HYDRAULIX aka Hydroz

Ash-Rock & JimiTheGenius

Djs | Producers | Remixers

Electro Bass| Miami Bass | Bass Remixes

Kuad Recordings • Touchin Base, UK • Monotone Records • Debonaire Records • Zone Records • Frequency Equals Bass • illeven Eleven Recordings • Booty Breaks • Bass Frequency Productions

Straight from Miami, Florida (the undisputed home of the 808 kick drum) comes Hydraulix. The of the most talked about and exciting Electro-Bass group to hit the Electro scene. Utilizing futuristic beats with an emphasis on dirty ass bass, their tracks are set to destroy dance floors worldwide.

Richard Ash-Rock Zarate and Jaime JimiTheGenius Merlo have been dropping bass in their DJ sets for years (most notably as resident DJs for world renowned Culture Productions), all the while drawing from their childhood influences (2 Live Crew, Debonaire Records, Cut It Up Def Records, MC A.D.E, and Maggatron to name a few) to create a unique, dance floor friendly hybrid of Electro and Bass. Ash-Rock and JimiTheGenius then set their sights on conquering the world of production. Once they were comfortable with the knowledge that they had acquired from Merlyn a Breakbeat ambassador and Xerodefx . They quickly began banging out some of the sickest floor bombs on their co-owned label with Merlyn, which is Kuad Recordings. For Hydraulix, these to young stars have a bright future from the city of boom where they reside.

For Bookings Contact:

Angel Candelaria: [email protected]

www.kuad.com http://kuadcast.blogspot.com/2010/11/kuadcast-is-here.html

To purchase releases go to iTunes and search Hydraulix. You can also go to www.beatport.com and www.electro-digital.com





Ash-Rock & JimiTheGenius HYDRAULIX EP:

Label: Kuad Recordings

Catalog…: KUAD001 Released: 2003

Country: US

A1 “2XL”

A2 “Signs”

B “Machines”

Hydraulix & Merlyn OWNERS MANUAL EP:

Label: Kuad Recordings

Catalog…: KUAD002

Released: 2004

Country: US

A1 Hydraulix “Future Leaders”

A2 Hydraulix “Future Leaders” (Hydroz Rusty Trombone Beats)

B1 Merlyn “Dominate”

B2 Merlyn “Dominate” (Voco Acapella)

Hydraulix 4 PUMPS / 2 DUMPS EP:

Label: Touchin’ Bass

Catalog…: TB010


Country: UK

A1 “Krunk”

A2 “Xero-1”

B1 “We Demand It”

B2 “Sector 7”

Ash Rock BIONIK:

Label: DBI Breakz

Catalog…: DBIB005

Released: Dec 2005

Country: US

A Bionik (Original)

B Bionik (Hydraulix’s Bipolar Remix)

Hydraulix AZZ KLAP EP:

Label: Kuad Recordings

Catalog…: KUAD003

Released: 2006

Country: US

A “SuperBass”

B1 “Hydroz Have Landed”

B2 “Distorted View”

Exzakt Reworked and Remixed:

Label: Monotone

Catalog…: MON 006

Released: 2006

Country: US

A1 “Clarity” (Hydraulix Remix)

A2 “Dark Mind” (Boris Divider Remix)

B1 “Transfusion” (Dexorcist Remix)

B2 “Sleeping With The Enemy” (Alpha 606 Remix)

Hydraulix BOUNCE EP:

Label: Monotone

Catalog…: MON 007

Released: 2006

Country: US

A1 “Bounce”

A2 (Bounce Spare Parts)

B1 “Basstown”

B2 “Nympho”

Dark Vektor Wire E.P.

Label: Titan’s Halo Records

Released: 2009

Country: Spain

A1 “Wires”

A2 “Extrany”

B “Wires” (Hydraulix Remix)

Dj Voodoo Dem Da

Label: Black Magic Records

Released: 2009

Country: US

A “Dem Da”

B “Dem One” (Hydraulix Remix)


Label: illeven Eleven

Released: 2009

Country: US

Sporty-O “Guestlist” (Hydroz Remix)


Low Ends E.P.

Label: Bass Frequency Productions

Released: 2010

Country: US

“Low Ends”

“305 To 315”




Label: Kuad Recordings

Released: 2011

Country: US

A. In The Durty

B. Ghetto Style


Label: Kuad Recordings

Released: 2011

Country: US

A. Lo Key

B. Time Table


Andrea Parker:

Nobody’s Perfect (CD)

Touchin’ Bass 2004

Hydraulix “Krunk”/”Xero…1”/”Sector 7”

Storm & Trevor Rockwell:

Future Sound of Breaks (CD)

Sound Records (US) 2005

Hydraulix “Future Leaders”

Andrea Parker:

Subsidence (CD) (2xLP)

Touchin’ Bass (UK) 2005

Hydraulix “Robobop”

Andrea Parker:

Nobody’s Perfect Part Two (CD) (Promo)

Touchin’ Bass (UK) 2006

Hydraulix “Robobop”


Lust, Love Electro (CD)

Monotone (US) 2007

Hydraulix “Stressboxxx”

Eric Beretta & Supernaut

Future Sound of Breaks (CD2)

Sound Records (US) 2008

Hydraulix “We Made Edits”


“Babylicious Mix CD”

Zone Records (US) 2010

Hydraulix “Ghetto Style”


Electro Endeavors Mix Session One (CD)

Bass Frequency Productions

Release: (US) 2010

Hydraulix “In The Durty”