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Imperium Dominium

Alternative,Gothic, Trip-hop Band out of L.A.,CA, now residing in Oregon.

IMPERIUM DOMINIUM brings you the broken glass,

the tribal heat, the sensual lovers fabled KISS…spilled from the desert ashes of Los Angeles, California and the NorthWest of Oregon, two old souls would reunite.

Urban life with burning sage, surfing upon vast oceans of emerald mantra’s, EVERYTHING exists in music to exceed it’s last turning point, as a curtain rises perception breaks the tide, we are now in the outer realm.

IMPERIUM DOMINIUM was birthed in 1995 between two mutal friends

Jason “Nason” Hull & Davied Edwards A.

Since 1995 went a long journey, released a few records and currently working on a new one “Eclessia” that will be comming out very soon…

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