«Irie Révoltés» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

“Haut les bras, les rebelles sont là”, sing Irie Révoltés. “Arms up, the rebels are here.” When Irie Révoltés storm the stage with their energetic mix of reggae, ska, dancehall and hip-hop, no arms stay down. The brothers Mal Élevé and Carlito thrill the audience with their catchy, two-part singing, along with rapper Silence. But Irie Révoltés represent more than just a sweaty stage show. “Nous restons critiques”, they say in their mostly French lyrics. “We remain critical.” Since their formation in 2000, the nine-member band has got keen audiences jumping at countless concerts, and they’re making sure that their socio-critical subject matter reaches the rest of Europe.

Through Skycap/Rough Trade, they released their first official album Voyage in 2006. The single Soleil reached number three in the SWR3-Hörercharts and was voted fourth best national song by readers of Riddim magazine. Irie Révoltés have since returned to the studio to continue their musical journey and fine-tune new material. Again there are a few surprises in store, and they’re just waiting to be showcased in the 2009 summer festival season. Anyone who has already danced at one of their concerts knows that, to properly get to know Irie Révoltés, you need to have experienced them live…


Mal Élevé - Voice

Carlito - Voice

Silence - Rap

idoT - Guitar

Combac - Keys

Flex - Drums

ConRiot - Bass

Mickez - Trumpet

Toby! - Sax