«Justice Once» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

After making music for years amongst friends and in different bands, most notably in New York pop-punk band The Bride Wore Black, Sean had decided to put out a mix tape of solo work. Awhile after parting ways with his previous act, Sean teamed up once again with Mike Kalajian of 3030 club studios in January 2012. The duo had already experienced working together, as Kalajian recorded one of “Bride’s” most accomplished EP’s back in 2009 which had gained the band coast to coast recognition, a spot on Bamboozle and even an award from MTVu. The collaboration proved to be successful yet again as Sean took a more Rock/Piano driven approach with Klajian at the helm, both engineering the project as well as laying down the solid drum work, precisely orchestrating each moment in the way Walsh envisioned. “I always imagined writing without that filter, where certain worries involving staying within a style went out the window and anything I ever thought of or was inspired by played a role somehow. Every band and piece of music I’ve ever been apart of was tremendous and I never regret a single one, but the pure freedom and the laid back, almost care-free style of this project has definitely made it the most enjoyable to date.” -SW