«Konami Defense System» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Konami Defense System is a science fiction based synth-core band from Portland Oregon. members include: ray rude, jason sechrist, lukas ketner, and jerry nelson.

they are influenced by retro gaming, chiptune sounds, and time travel as well as other science fiction related material.

Hidden in every lost signal, every misdirected transmission are epic tales of time and space, life and death, robots and lasers. Konami Defense System makes it their business to collect these stories from throughout the galaxy and translate them with the aide of puny human musical instruments and inferior recording devices. What comes out of the other end of their mess of synths, drums, and broken microphones can only be described as a frenetic mix of epic lo-fi electro-pop with homage to classic hardcore and 8-bit video game soundtracks, all set against a grandiose mix of electronic jungle beats and live drumming.