«Kongcrete» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips


Kongcrete is:
Taiwo D’Aguilar - Vocals
Jack Jankowicz - Guitars
Jeff To - Bass
Gene D. Williams - Drums

Kongcrete is an American alternative rock band, formed in New York City, NY in 2000. The band is noted for propagating an original musical genre called Ghetto Rock, influenced by hip-hop, hard rock, funk and reggae. Kongcrete breaks the rules with an unorthodox sound and powerful, uncensored lyrics.

The MC’s aggressive style demonstrates a vocal range that is not seen in any contemporary hip-hop or rock artist. He can growl and scream while maintaining street smart and introspective sensibilities. Punishing low-tuned guitar riffs provide the grit and raw aggression. When combined with rattle-smack funk bass lines and energetic drum rhythms, Kongcrete is a musician’s band; yet it provides the underlying rhythmic and melodic hooks that create the cross-over appeal to both hard rock and hip hop listeners. The group’s unique sound is a clear reflection of mixed musical backgrounds and ethnic diversity within the band.

With a dynamic live sound, energetic stage presence and a number of high profiled appearances, Kongcrete has quickly established themselves as one of the more interesting and innovative live bands to emerge from the crowded NYC music scene.

Kongcrete has released a self-titled debut album in April 2008. The album was independently produced by the band in collaboration with some of the best talent in the music industry. Some of the credits in the production of the album include mastering by Vlado Meller (Universal Mastering Studios), mixing by Werner F (The Boilerroom Studio) and cover art by Carlos Huante (conceptual artist and designer for Eragon, War of The Worlds, Men In Black, Hellboy, et al).