«KraftiM» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

An electronica/ambient artist and sound architect from Holland. Kraftim debuted on netlabel Musictrade’s Norberg 2005 Field Mixes album (MT003) in August 2005. He contributed two tracks to Musictrade’s New Orleans tribute album Requiems for a Submerged City (MT005) that came out in November 2005. These were followed by two tracks on January 2007 compilation Ice Mustard (MT010). In November 2007 came out KraftiM’s first full length Musictrade release etSitara - a fascinating mixture of eastern instrumentalism and western electronica.

New album on musictrade: JamatriX

New album sept 2008 on Jamendo: FraxurY see FraxurY

Outside Musictrade, KraftiM has released various albums and collections on Last.fm, Jamendo and mp3.com.au. First solo collection Preview was released in May 2006; Solyaga EP came out in early 2007. Fans can find KraftiM’s music also on his MySpace pages. And follow the news on facebook