«Krankheitssymptom» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Krankheitssymptom is a side project of Mortal Void. The only release is - and will stay - “Nullsummenspiel”.

This is the introduction for “Nullsummenspiel”:

The disease is the human being. The symptoms are multilayered and individual.

Of course no one will be able to deny to recognize himself in the one or the other song - maybe in all of them.

The symptoms are rage, hate, fear, solitude and more suchlike. The urge to forget. The desire to create a better future.

The fear, that it will come to nothing. Fear that can be real all too fast because one thing is for sure:

this world is disused.

All this and even more is packed into smashing drum rhythms, propulsive bass runs, distinctive synthesizer sequences

and just those lyrics, to be found as aggressive vocals in this soundscape. Krankheitssymptom is not mainstream-oriented

and will therefore not gain much attention from nowadays “Techno Body Music” generation.

On the other hand: who is into fast and filthy electro and doesn’t follow trends too much, will have a lot of fun with “Nullsummenspiel”.