«Kubichek!» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Kubichek! were an indie/rock band which formed in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 2004. The band originally consisted of Alan McDonald (vocals, guitar), Mark Nelson (guitar), Michael “Frog” Coburn (bass, vocals) and Chris McGreevy (drums). After McDonald’s departure in 2007, Graham Thompson replaced him on guitar and Coburn took over lead vocals. The band split in July of 2008 with members forming a new band, Black Flashes shortly afterwards. Signed to 30:30 Recordings and have previously released two singles- Taxi and their debut Nightjoy on Fantastic Plastic Records, a split single Opening Shot on Kitchenware Records as well as having their music featured of several compilation CDs. Their debut album Not Enough Night is due out in March 2007 preceded by the single Outwards in December 2006. Creators of this year’s best indie rock debut; make no mistake, Newcastle’s Kubichek! are a devoutly special band. As incendiary as the intentionally explosive exclamation mark that doorstops their moniker, like all the best bands, they come armed with a musical manifesto – a mission statement if you will – that encompasses their lust for uncompromising DIY punk jitter, noir tinged, New Wave tainted atmos, and feedback swamped melodic sass. Said debut, ‘Not Enough Night’ is evocative of their variety in palate; a record that perfectly plots their brilliance over twelve explosive, contrasting melodic assaults, announcing their arrival to the world with aplomb. It is a stunning debut missive. Formed from their wreckage of their former band (North East England’s much beloved Parklandsway) - and forged from a mutual love of Idlewild, Mogwai, Fugazi, At The Drive In, Primal Scream, and Sigur Ros – they’re a band for anyone who ever believed in the clang of the electric guitar, the rasp of a tattered voice, and a bellyful of bright, bold, guitar skewed pop songs. Consisting of Alan McDonald (vocals / guitar), Mark Nelson (guitar), Frog (bass) and Chris McGreevy (drums), they’ve long since won the hearts of NME (who’ve frequently juxtaposed the worlds ‘brilliant!’, ‘awesome!’ and ‘vital!’ alongside their name), while the likes of Bloc Party, Zane Lowe, The Futureheads, Steve Lamacq, Maximo Park, and Editors are all committed fans. Kubichek! are your favourite bands’, new favourite new band. It’s likely they’ll be yours too. The vitality and zest of Kubichek!’s music can be put down to their zeal for music at large. That their very being resonates so deeply in the hearts of their fans (as a band who understand the necessity and importance of getting in van, playing, getting in van, playing some more, the Newcastle group snared the hearts of fans night after night last year), it’s testament to their adoration of sound and song that before they’re musicians - and before they’re songwriters – fitting with their keen, uncompromising, heart-on-sleeve DIY ethos – Kubichek! are fans of music. After an unbelievably brilliant debut album & year which saw the band constantly touring the uk, finishing with slots at Reading & Leeds festivals and a hometown finale, Kubichek! headed back into the studio to create a follow up to Not-Enough-Night. However in September 2007, original lead singer and guitarist Alan MacDonald left the band, the myspace announcement read “We’re sad to say that Alan is no longer with the band. We’ve all been friends and band members for some time now and have had some great experiences together as a result. We wish Alan all the best for the future.” Nevertheless the band continued with occasional vocalist Frog taking up the reigns as frontman. In recent times chek! have been “doing a Klaxons” as drummer McGreevy called with Frog limiting his bass playing to the studio and Bob from Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire joining on bass for recent live performances. chek! are now in the studio creating follow up to Not-Enough-Night, for release later this year!!!