«Line 47» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Since 1994 Scott Weber has been creating Intelligent Dance Music. Beginning in an experimental noise/post-rock band, Mrs. Frisbee, in which he was the IDM percussionist. While in this band Scott developed as a musician and began to create solo noise projects built on electronics and found sounds. When Mrs. Frisbee fell apart in 1996 due to changing interests, he began composing and arranging these solo noise projects exclusively utilizing old record players, self-made tape loops, and records that contained lock grooves etched with a razor blade. With these crude abstract concertos he began a journey into the realm of Intelligent Dance Music.

In 1998 he put down the record players and tape loops and began using his college roommate’s desktop computer to manipulate sounds with Fasttracker 2 alongside many different types of freeware audio synthesis applications. This brought about a new love for Scott, the tracker program, and his first recorded electronic material, the self-titled IDM CD-R “Line 47″. This album contained some tape/record loop/IDM projects as well as industrial/electro endeavors which soon became more intricate and complex works of Intelligent Dance Music. As time passed, Line 47’s style adapted and with heavy jungle influences as well as blippy nintendo-esque melodies into an IDM delight.

Once he refined his sound Scott met Lynn Standafer, (Enduser), and instantly made a connection with him that sparked the Sonicterror Label in 2000. Sonicterror quickly got recognition as one of the top Jungle/Breakcore/Drill n bass labels coming out of the United States. With Scott leading the label they quickly released highly acclaimed albums and began to get attention from other labels and producers interested in working with Sonicterror.

In 2004 Sonicterror was disbanded as Scott became interested in other genres of electronic music besides Jungle and Breakcore. This resulted in the Creation of Terminal Dusk, a label that was not focused on specific genres of electronic music but one that embraced such genres as Dub, Ragga, Electro and Gabber to name a few.

Terminal Dusk took off and expanded right where Sonicterror left off with a great artist roster that included Soundmurderer, Doormouse, Eight Frozen Modules, Not Breathing, Enduser, The Gasman and many others. Terminal Dusk is set to release many records in many different genres helping open the ears of electronica fans to new sounds.

While Scott has been involved some of his own labels, his time for creating and releasing music has dwindled and he is always looking to increase his time for writing tracks. Despite never having a full length release many labels have been interested in getting a track or two from him for a compilation or remix effort. Labels such as Ad Noiseam, Mirex, Peace Off and Break n Cut have made a home for Line 47 material.