«Logic Probe» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Logic Probe is Derek Linaman and Dave Ford. From Seattle the two had become friends at an early age playing in bands on Seattle’s Eastside, more accurately Bellevue and the famed Old Firehouse in Redmond; birthplace of such bands as Blood Brothers, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Modest Mouse among others. Early on, in late 1998 using beat-up records, yard sale keyboards and effects pedals, Logic Probe laid the groundwork for their sound at thier first show at Vital 5 Gallery. Over the years their equipment lineup has steadily evolved from samplers and keyboards to laptop computers, but their off-beat musical vision has remained intact, never shying away from unexplored territory.

Logic Probe has completed soundtrack work for several independent films, self-produced three full-length albums, remixed songs for bands such as Botch, Waxwing, and Obelus, and played shows where ever allowed. Their influences range from punk, industrial, rock, metal, eighties pop, ambient, and abstract electronic.

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