«Luke Million» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Luke Million is the synth wizard from Australia’s premier disco act The Swiss.

In between touring and studio sessions with The Swiss, writing music for television and film and giving classical piano recitals; Luke has found time to whip up some disco delights in the form of a solo project.

In 2010, Luke via Australian label Future Classic brought us his debut EP Italo Journey / Octobussy, which was a synthesizer odyssey paying homage to his influences. The EP received major props internationally with ‘Italo Journey Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ being championed by the likes of Aeroplane and The Magician. June this year saw a spacey remix of Auxiliary the Master Fader’s ‘Disco Dictator’.

Most recently Luke has given the world the fun-filled jam Arnold - a celebration of the big man we used to know and love. Everyone’s getting pumped for “More Energy” as commanded by their instructor! This August, ‘Arnold’ is already gracing Triple J’s ‘Most Requested’, whilst Juno Records have shown some chart love for the limited edition 7” picture disc of ‘Arnold’, featuring the cheeky tune ‘Sun Splash’ - emulating good times and rays of sunshine.