«Mackenzie Gainey» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Lost, eclectic, and forced onto the beaten bath, Mackenzie momentarily defines her music as adult contemporary because, well, there’s little to actually define within that broadening term. It helps to lump her R&B, blues, classical (wait, is that country?) and at times alternative tendencies snugly into place with repose. Noted to be —insert positive quote from professional music contact—, Mackenzie hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and hopes to become a part of the city’s welcoming music scene with live performances and recording opportunities.

In the meantime, exciting business abounds. Mackenzie is working on a first album due to be released within the next decade and sure to combine all of the aforementioned music styles onto one shiny disc.

Working with talented individuals to complete the project, Mackenzie lays vocals over the beats of Katrah-Quey who blends hip hop, jazz and electronic into his compositions. And, never ignoring her background in classical music, she brings her first love to the album, the cello, and calls upon the guitar musings of brother, Dallas Gainey, to add musical flare. Magical things are happening…