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Malrun is a danish metal/rock-band that musically navigates in a cross-breed of hard-hitting metal, groovy riffs and melodic rock with a remarkably fresh and modern edge. The music thus targets both the broad mainstream audience as well as the metal environment. Malrun will release their second album “The Empty Frame” 5th March 2012 and support the release with a extensive tour as support for Die Apokalyptischen Reiter from 21st April to 13th May 2012 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, England, Spain and Italy. “The Empty Frame” is produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Fear My Thoughts, Amaranthe, Mercenary). The lyrical themes on “The Empty Frame” focus mainly on life changing events and how random circumstances and coincidences in life lead to great upheavals, loss, sadness, disillusion but also provides new opportunities and possibilities of filling out the empty frame – a symbol of life yet to be lived. And as always MALRUN’s lyrical universe is spiced with little pieces of every-day life, irony, sarcasm, humour and sex. After MALRUNs debut album from 2010 received average European ratings of 8 out of 10 MALRUN began focusing outside the borders of Denmark on a more international set up. Now Dragon Productions from Hamburg handles European booking for MALRUN while Gordeon Music from Berlin handles European PR and advertising, and MALRUN has already shared the bill with bands such as Staind (US), Týr (Faroe Islands) and Mercenary (DK). In the spring 2011 MALRUN went on tour with Audrey Horne (NO) in Germany and Switzerland, and with the release of “The Empty Frame” a considerably larger tour will now be launched as MALRUN supports Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D) on a 3½ week tour from 21st April to 13th May 2012 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, England, Spain and Italy. MALRUN has set sails to intensify their live presence and expose in all of Europe with the sincere dedication and passion for music as foundation. he international press has written: Rock Hard (9 out of 10): “The debut of the year 2010…MALRUN leaves its scent marks between modern metal and alternative rock” Metalnews.de (6½ out of 7): “It is not really possible to fit the album into any specific category and that is exactly what makes it so interesting” Terroverlag.de (9 out of 10): “On top of it all Jacob is a Super-Singer… Jackpot!”Metal.de (7 out of 10): “a convincing show that does not stand back for competitors on an international level” Aardschock magazine (85 out of 100): “Metal of the future. Malrun is the new promise of Denmark. An album full of fat, melodic guitar riffs, great vocals and damn catchy choruses” Live tour review, Metal-impressions.de: “Joy of playing! Harmony on stage, a great band and an outstanding singer! Their music, a blend of modern metal, hard rock and alternative suited the audience. Created not so typical Danish, but rather American, the sound was refreshing. The band played confidently through the set and brought the audience in the right mood. Class!!” European PR: Gordeon Music Promotion. Jan Jaedike. Phone +49 (0) 30 284 960 22. Email [email protected] European booking: Dragon Productions. Jörg Düsedau. Phone: +49-40-675 699-36. Email [email protected] Danish booking: Fast Entertainment. Michael Fast Mobil + 45 22 41 10 84. Email [email protected] Label: Target/Mighty Music. Michael H. Andersen. Phone + 45 38 342 666. Email [email protected] Band contact: [email protected] MALRUN is: Jacob Løbner: Vocals Patrick Nybroe: Guitar Mads Lind Ingeman: Guitar Ulrik Sølgaard-Nielsen: Bass Mikkel Johnsen: Drums Sites:http://www.facebook.com/malrunhttp://www.malrun.dk