«Mordant Music» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Mordant Music is the band of Baron Mordant (Ian Hicks) and Admiral Greyscale (Gary Mills).

Mordant Music shares similar hauntology aesthetics with the roster of the Ghost Box label (on which it has released a single together with Belbury Poly):

Electronic music flitting between eerie and whimsy, baleful and jaunty; discernible influences from library music (the band have apparently done some work for Boosey & Hawkes)… then there’s a trace of the Skam/Boards of Canada end of things…. and when it gets more beat-y and driving, early 90s UK techno: Ubik and Holy Ghost and stuff on Network and Outer Rhythm… pirate radio tunes before it all went totally breakbeat… the Survivors theme tune: that shudder-ripple of electronic sound just when the bacterial-warfare scientist drops the vial of plague…. and ooh, that’s descending reverb-trail, that’s from Another Green World, “Sombre Reptiles” maybe … and the clincher for the Ghostbox comparison is the involvement of Philip Elsmore, whose warm, soothing tones will be recognizable to anyone who grew up in the UK in the 70s, on account of his being a continuity announcer for all the ITV regional franchises like Border, Tyne Tees, Southern and Thames… the mysterious Baron Mordant informs: “we tracked him down and interviewed him on the South Bank…he was delighted and mildly bemused to provide our continuity… originally it was slated to involve continuity only but the actual interview yielded so much that we cut and pasted him all o’er the tapestry… he was an abbo perb gent on all fronts”.