«Murder Construct» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Murder Construct is a American deathgrind band from Los Angeles, California. The band members include Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Leon del Muerte (Exhumed, D.I.S., ex-Impaled, ex-Phobia), Kevin Fetus (Watch me Burn, Fetus Eaters), Caleb Schneider (Bad Acid Trip) and Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, ex-Jesu, ex-Uphill Battle). Formed in 2001 after his departure from Impaled, Leon del Muerte set to create a more raw, stripped down version of the music he was currently writing with other bands. After a hiatus of nearly a decade, during which del Muerte had been involved with Exhumed (again), Intronaut and Phobia, the band was put back together with new songs and a new direction. Featuring the talents of Danny Walker (Intronaut, Jesu, Exhumed, Phobia), Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Kevin Fetus (Watch Me Burn, Fetus Eaters) and Caleb Schneider (Bad Acid Trip), the debut Murder Construct EP features 7 songs of extra intense grind with odd flourishes and pummeling execution. The band signed with relapse records, released their self-titled EP in 2010. In June 2012, Relapse Records announced the debut album cover and title, Results. The album was released on August 28, 2012. In February 2013, the band parted ways with Kevin Fetus, and were joined by new guitarist Chris McCarthy. Murder Construct then tracked a Disrupt cover for a tribute to Disrupt, to be released on Power It Up Records.