«My Garden» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

AUTUMN 93: band was formed./ SUMMER 95: promotional tape was recorded in “ab studio” by the famous turkish metal act of those times; cenk acikgoz. tapes were sent to international mags/fanzines and labels. norway’s arctic serenades was one of the labels that showed interest to the band. / AUTUMN 95: for the first time a turkish band was signed to a foreign metal label. a deal for couple of albums was done w/ arctic serenades. my garden entered “ab” once again to re-record their stuff. / SPRING 96: “Neon Lights” MCD was released through norway and europe. for the first time a turkish metal record was released by a label abroad. probably one of the first turkish metal stuff released on CD format back in the day, as well. response from major and underground metal press was so positive. later; usual conflicts w/ the label left the band unsigned again. / AUTUMN 96/WINTER 97 - too much rehearsal, some new songs w/ completely new style which never got the chance to be recorded. / SPRING 97 - all the usual reasons to break up a band was there on the plate and band decided to quit./ WINTER 2006 - after a decade, the first rehearsal was done. the band was reformed and exist for 2 more hours and got the r.i.p. status one more time.