«Nate Yielding» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Nate Yielding is an avant garde electronic musician from Baltimore, Md. He has made all of his recordings in a makeshift studio set up in Kandahar Afghanistan. Taking a big influence from Steve Reich, Dan Deacon and Animal Collective, his work is similarly absurdist and composed of samples.

“I feel like Dan’s and Animal Collective’s music really express the most unique aspect of my generation, or at least the one that impacts me the most. That being, the all consuming presence of media, the pressure of that, the bright images that flash in one’s head of one advertisement that mix seamlessly with a cartoon you’ve seen earlier, the changing ways people interact since the onset of social media, the particular and peculiar loneliness that facebook has generated. This is the subject I am intrigued with most of all. “

He is currently not signed to any label and still in Afghanistan.