«Naturton» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

August 1996 - exactly 10 years have passed since Willi Grimm and Gerard Widmer - brought together in Berne by a mutual friend - met to form the Swiss duo NATURTON. They took their first steps on a musical voyage. The fusion of two cultural identities had begun.

Die Welt des Didjeridu und der Fujara. www.naturton.ch/d/fujara/fujara.shtml

Fujara Beschreibung, der Bau, das Spiel, der Klang…

“From far away, a gentle wind seems to carry sounds as distant and dreamy as a landscape lost in the mists of time. With the breaking of dawn, colour upon colour emerges from the blue of the night. Silk-soft waves and pearl-like tones ripple above the deep basic tone.That is the Fujara.”

“A plaintive drone from the depths of the earth. A siren above the hovering groundtone, overtones from everywhere and nowhere. Rhythmically pulsating. That is the Didjeridu.”