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NightBitch is the Connecticut based occult heavy metal band featuring Hour of 13 frontman Phil Swanson (vocals) and Hour of 13 live session members Ryan Adams (guitar), Chris Taylor (drums) and Mark Eles (bass). They are currently playing shows throughout the Northeast US with the likes of Pentagram, Midnight, Black Pyramid, Earthflight, Valkyrie… They will be appearing in Ireland in September and have shows booked throughout the remainder of 2010. NightBitch is made up of veteran CT musicians all with their own lengthy resumes. They have joined together in NightBitch to bring back melodic traditional heavy metal elements to the state of Connecticut in its purest form.

This is occult Heavy Metal of the extreme old school, similar to other retro acts like Gates of Slumber or Upwards of Endtime. The recording is muffled and analog-sounding, the riffs are Sabbathy and pretty seriously awesome, and the lyrics are a wonderful stew of dark and mystical topics. Swanson’s voice can sometimes be a sticking point for me, as his voice is particular and only works with certain kinds of music, but this is exactly the kind of stuff his voice is good for, and he only adds to the whole underground, occult vibe. Fans of old-fashioned underground Heavy Metal would do well to check this out

Nightbitch is an occult inspired horror metal band with massive doom leanings whose inner circle consists of: Phil Swanson (Hour of 13) on vocals, Ryan Adams on guitar, Chris Taylor on drums, and Mark Eles on bass; who have all come together to bring back the classic metal sound in it’s purest form. Aside form this release tehse guys are touring with: Pentagram, Midnight, Black Pyramid, Earthflight, and Valkyrie to name a few, and I can almost guarantee that if you enjoy those bands then you will be converted over to the Nightbitch cult willingly