«Noctiflora» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Noctiflora starts in June of 2004 .

His founder Arios , after a long musical experience,

wants to begin a new project as a simple way to create

music, a free flow without the musical business schemes.

The Nightly flowering of “Noctiflora” is a natural but strange event, and a real identification of a way of thinking and making music. S. Princess joins in the project for the depth of her lyrics and for the particularity of her artwork. She also begins to play the bass and to put her voice on the music.

The result of first inspirations of Noctiflora is the demo ep called “…Notte Fiorire” released in January of 2005. After the first release , “Notti” is selected for a radio transmission called “Demo Radio Rai” by italian Radio Rai 1 . On September 2005 the band was selected as monthly artist by Bazar webzine.

In October of 2005 Chromium Records (uk label) contacts Noctiflora for a payment downloading license for two tracks but the band refuse this offer.

Due to physical problems of S. Princess, the band’s live activity as come to a stop, so the band decides to work on compositon and home recording.

This work become concrete in June of 2006 with the first album “Edward”.

The ep version of the cd is released in totally free download by net label Benekkea.

In July of 2006 Noctiflora signed by Nomadism Records label for a license of 3 tracks of “Edward” for the compilation “United Forces of Phoenix Vol. 2“ that is released in October of 2007.

In April 2007 a new work . First pentadrama “En to Pan” is the result of Arios ’s inspiration and personal creative process through the ancient celtic culture. “En to Pan” is released also by Ekleipsi NetLabel ( more of 1.000 download on archive.org) . Many songs of this release are listed in various european web radio (Radionion from italy , Radio87Mhz from Spain , Dogmazicradio from France , Darkerradio from Germany ) . Neorama , a song from “En to Pan” , obtain the 2nd place in free music charts of June 2007 of german Darkerradio. In September of 2007 Prussia Digital (a division of Prussia Records) , sign Noctiflora for a distribution of all Noctiflora’s releases . In February of 2oo8 the band releases a new pentadrama called “Vrill”. Vrill is actually distribuited and promoted by german netlabel Afmusic, italian netlabel Ekleipsi and his commercial distribution is managed by Afmusic/Prussia Digital.