«O-Love» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

O-love is a christian rapper, R&B singer and music producer all in one. For a long time, O-love has been providing instrumental tracks for other christian Hip Hop artists all over Sweden. After years of working in FL Studio (Fruity Loops) only, now decides to take a further step in quality not only producing, but also recording and mixing tracks in Logic Studio on a Macbook as his only equipment.

O-love has been an established beatboxer for 7 years or so, performing at numerous events around Sweden. Apart from that he has also done various shows abroad, in Europe, even in Africa.

Having felt a little fed up doing beatbox shows, he took on a new challenge: Making his own music. The past 7-8 months has served as a platform of making his own music in terms of singing R&B, rapping and producing by his own. This has had quite a success, having done a couple shows in such a short time

O-love wants to deliver a clear message of faith in Jesus Christ, in whom he believes in, and likes to share his testimony throughout his songs. Through his music he hopes to also be of edification to the church, and to strenghten believers, especially those who are new in faith.

In the single “Talking Jesus”, O-love expresses a desire to be an alternative to other contemporary music. By “talking Jesus” he won’t talk nonsense or trash, but can still talk the language of contemporary R&B music.