«Occurrences In Rain» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Occurrences In Rain is an experimental dark ambient music collaboration between American artist G M Slater (The Elderbranch Campaign, 12 Frozen Radios) and Polish artist Bruno Janiszewski (Robert Messner, Suffering Astrid). They are known for employing exotic and complex treatments and manipulations to guitars, field recordings and synths to create highly textural and visual music with with an underlying sadness that leaves listeners with a sense of nostalgic longing. Janiszewski and Slater began working together as Occurrences In Rain late in 2010 shortly after having found each other on the music service Last.fm as fans of each others music. They quickly produced a self titled album which has yet to be formally released. The next year they followed up with three complete albums in quick succession. They are (in chronological order) Memories Suspended - Falling, Wafting Magic and Influence Of Outside Systems. In January 2012 they released the album Shadows In The Field Of Flowers. They followed this up with the album Climbing Ladders Into Falling Objects released in February 2012, then rounded out the year by releasing the album Remembrance Music in December. Their latest album, Lamentations For Fading Occurrences was released in June 2013. Since Slater lives in the US and Janiszewski lives in Poland, they do all of their composing via the Internet and have never met in person.