«Palindrome» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

There are two artists with the name Palindrome:

1) Founded in the new Millennium, Palindrome released their first full-length Album “Profit vs. WoMankind” in October 2009 at the established Porgy & Bess Music Club (Vienna). Palindromes musicians combine their histories and experience to an autonomous progressive music-project that will rock Europe.

2) Founded in France, Palindrome released their first album “Rions Noir” in 2004. Manu Le Malin, founder of the project-group, organised musicians, who combine hard rock and industrial music styles.

3) Jazz/Prog/Metal form Austria… Stilmix aus Mathrock, Jazzrock, Progmetal und einem Schuss klassischen (Retro-)Progs.

4) Post punk/Stoner/Noise band from Macedonia.