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Patron Saint Of Plagues is cult music. They’re the KISS of a new generation. Born in the frigid winters of Canada, they infect listeners with their unique brand of theatrical hard rock horror. Each member dons his own brand of macabre movie monster face paint and dark rock attire to unleash a chaotic mix; pulverizing drums, towering guitars and haunting melodies that accentuate the gravel voiced vocalist’s horror story narrative. Combine their immensely energetic performances and eccentrically loyal fans and this four piece horror rock band is a force to be reckoned with. A cadre concocted by frontman Opi Saint; a deranged lunatic claiming to be daemon possessed. Guitarist Deadboy is a stitched up cadaver with a penchant for self destruction, bassist Robbie Graves the Wiccan grave robber extraordinaire and, then drummer Bonez who is a silent skeleton with the taste for human flesh. 

PSOP has spent the past four years touring extensively to build a large regional fan-base, and have utilized grassroots style web and radio campaigns to reach fans worldwide. They’ve haunted the stage alongside  Wednesday 13, The Casualties,  The Creepshow, and appeared on Canada’s Got Talent. In 2012 they received the MuchFact Viral Video Award to produce a music video for the terrifying title track, “Things Arn’t What They Seem”. With secured sponsorships with S.I.T. Strings, Monson Guitars, and the support of  listeners, the bands current discography contains one full length album and three EPs. The most recent has five sick tracks produced by Don DeBiase of Studio D Productions. This hard rock horror show is a spreading infection with no signs of slowing down. Listener beware, you’re in for a scare!

Patron Saint Of Plagues proudly endorses:

Monson Guitars

S.I.T. Strings

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