«Post Scriptvm» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

NYC-based Russian band that operates on the fringes of the original industrial, experimental, ambient and power electronics genres.

Post Scriptvm (CDr) Not On Label 1999

Lethargic Revelation (CDr) Not On Label 2000

Gauze (CDr) Somnambulant Corpse 2002

Chiaroscvro (CDr, Mini) Stridulum Recordings 2003

Sea-Green Series - Chapter V (CDr, Mini) Gazoline 2004

Marginal Existence (CD) Hermetique 2005

Распадъ (CD) Tesco Organisation 2006

Grey Eminence (CD) Tesco Organisation 2010

Benommenheit (CD) Tesco Organisation 2014