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What’s in a name?

Quite a lot actually. And sometimes not much at all.

The Hebrew name Sarah indicates a woman of high rank and is sometimes translated as “princess”, described in the Hebrew Bible and the Qu’ran as the wife of Abraham. It also means “lady.”

One Point Five, in this case, is a measurement in metres

In a rather obscure nutshell, this brings us to the origins of Melbourne, Australia duo, Princess One Point Five; a marriage of seemingly unrelated elements that come together to spawn a sassy, clever, and deeply idiosyncratic little outfit.

Somewhere in between pop, rock, punk (sometimes), the sublime and the ridiculous, P1.5 at its core, is a collaboration between unlikely co-conspirators Sarah-Jane Wentzki (i want a hovercraft, the less embarrassing of other musical forays) and Richard Andrew (Underground Lovers/Crow/Registered Nurse), who are occasionally joined by many and varied a guest musician – most recently Ben Grounds (Bluebottle Kiss) on bass; Libby Chow (Clare Bowditch/Feeding Set) on French Horn and gorgeous BV’s; Andy Pap, who is in more bands than there is space for, and who is brilliant at basically everything he picks up (no, really) as well as Jed Palmer (Hope Diamond/Bergerac) on guitar.

P1.5 is many things to many people but the long of the short of it is that it is something that began quite simply but grew to be so much more…erm, out of control, having released three critically acclaimed albums since 2005, won the Qantas Spirit of Youth award for music also in 2005, been short listed (top 25) for the Australian Music Prize in 2007, and received a number of surprising and down right frightening licensing synchronisations, from an America wide anti-smoking campaign (oh the irony) to the soundtrack for a Medium trailer that screened all over the interweb and at the Super Bowl….not to mention a number of P1.5 songs gaining inclusion in some wonderful Australian films in 2008/2009, including The Loved Ones, and the short films Tomorrow and Goggles.

P1.5 have toured nationally supporting Josh Pyke, Jen Cloher and The Endless Sea, toured New Zealand, supported the likes of M Ward and François Breut and since inception have evolved to be an enigmatic, adaptable and ever-changing live band.

The fourth album, What Doesn’t Kill You, is out now through Pharmacy Records/MGM

and has already garnered the Age (Melbourne) Magazine in July, and the lead single “Today” has enjoyed steady rotation on national radio. The video clip was recently added to MTV.

P1.5 is a modern day romance – a little bit sour, a little bit sweet. Always surprising and never the same way twice.

P1.5 are currently on their album launch tour nationally. MORE INFO: www.princessonepointfive.com