«Protest Urban» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Delivering a pummeling hybrid of hardcore and metal that demands the attention of the most casual metal aficionado, Protest Urban adeptly merge contrasting facets of heavy metal and hardcore in order to form an abrasive style of metal that is as original as it is intense. Formed in September of 2003, the group has been hard at work creating material since its inception. Hailing from the Romanian city of Constanta, just off the coast of the Black Sea, Protest Urban strives to prove to the music masses that Romania has substantive and aggressive music up for the offering. With one listen, you’ll surely agree that this band is one of the most powerful and substantial forces lurking in underground music today.

Fronted by the vocal attack of the charismatic, proficient Florian Rachieru, Protest Urban meld vigorous sonic textures with an uncompromising energy that adds up to a concert experience akin to being hit by a musical battering ram, slamming the audience full force with an array of assertive hardcore aural emanations. The band’s existential lyrical forays deal with brooding topics in songs such as ‘My Declaration’ - “Bleeding harmony just to make my eyes happy. I will kill my own despair even through my thoughts never find you”.

Hard hitting drummer Marian Mihaila lists Pantera and Metallica amongst his favorites, and these influences shine through in his pummeling performance on tracks like ‘The Enemy Leaves Dead’. Combining technical skill with a strong delivery, his beats rivet the listener with their sheer, brute force. Joined by guitarist Mihai Iordache-Adam, his five foot thick riffs and searing licks accentuate the group’s songwriting by providing a multifaceted metal assault on the senses comparable to being hit by a truckload of steel at 150 KPH. Anchoring the chaos that is Protest Urban, Cristian Iordache-Adam provides the group’s thunderous bass lines demolishing listeners with his punchy, powerful delivery. With the addition of his timely keyboard accents, the group’s recordings take on a fuller, more original nature.

Influenced by a diverse range of artists from Zao to Metallica, Protest Urban craft biting, earthshaking compositions compounded by an uncanny knack for dynamics. Their textured vocal juxtapositions are the perfect compliment to the band’s uncompromising amalgam of hardcore and heavy metal without sounding identical to so many of their peers jumping on the metalcore bandwagon. The group has put forth their high energy musical onslaught in support of established acts such as Undying (US), Born From Pain (Holland), Sunrise (Poland), Curse Of Instinct (Slovenia) or Avatar (Romania).