«Red Painted Red» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Red Painted Red is the studio and live project of former MANTRA members Yvonne Neve and Simon Carroll.
I Am Nothing (2012) is their latest album release.

The Colours Boxset is also available, housing their three CD/EP releases, (Colours, Preach and Pathway).

‘This isn’t pop music, you know. This is the sound of DNA spirals unwinding.’ (Spoil)

‘moving, disturbing, beautiful’ (Coca Ebola)

‘unsettling, compelling material’ (LLair)

‘It is refreshing to encounter music that does not easily fit into one of today’s fashionable genres’ (Plan B)

‘Red Painted Red conjure deceptively dark ambiences out of sunlight and green fields: they evoke the puckish sprites in the corners of your vision, the monsters under your bed. Pastoral never seemed so perturbing.’ (Nemesis)

‘Red Painted Red continuously please fans of arcane melodies through many tones and emotions, not one musician sounds quite like them.’ (Regen)