«Roberts Gobziņš» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Roberts Gobziņš (b. 1964), also known as EastBam (as a result of his artistic connections with WestBam), is a Latvian musician, DJ, MC and radio personality known as a member or collaborator with numerous bands (Dzeltenie Pastnieki, NSRD, Diskomforts, 19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma, Kaija, CSK, Dzidriņas Megasistēma, Los Amigos) and, throughout the 1990s, as a nationally successful solo artist from Rīga, Latvia. He became a pioneer of Latvian-language rap music in 1982 by including a rap interlude on Dzeltenie Pastnieki song Bezcerīgā Dziesma on the album Man Ļoti Patīk Jaunais Vilnis and later releasing the first-ever Latvian rap 12-inch single (Aka Aka) on Westbam’s Low Spirit label. Performing live in Germany, he has shared the bill with De La Soul and The Jungle Brothers. The opera Rolstein on the Beach featured Gobziņš in the role of the Son of Rothschild. In 2003, Gobziņš took part in Aka Hip Aka Hop, a collaboration with A.G., Raitis, Giuseppe and Gustavo, celebrating the history of the local scene. He again was the opening act for De La Soul on December 2004 in Rīga.