«Rory Kelly's Triple Threat» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat is a 3 piece swamp rockin blues band, headed by main man Rory Kelly. Triple Threat is uncompromising in its delivery of exactly what ‘swampy’ rockin blues is all about; the core essence of pure southern music.

Rory Kelly drives the force of Triple Threat with his stellar guitar work and powerful, yet melodic vocals. A true captivating front man with bewitching charm.

Bringing his combined road knowledge and musicianship, from having worked with and toured the world with various Rock and Roll acts, Rory Kelly’s love of Blues is reflected in his stage performance, making Triple Threat an act that is memorable and not to be forgotten.

Mike Kelly, on Drums, is a veteran on the blues circuit, having toured and performed with some of the areas top blues acts. His ability to fill out the low end with precision and suave finesse make Mike Kelly’s contribution to Triple Threat’s performances mesmerizing.

Jake Asta, with his rumbling Bass, captures and makes the swamp rockin blues sound resonate as it carries the fat tone that rounds out the total sound of Triple Threat.

Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat is regionally recognized by venues as a ‘house filler, bringing the house to capacity’ and a total crowd pleasing experience.