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Scott Duncan is one of the most accomplished and skilled musicians in the Kansas City area. With his unique approach to popular music presentation, he has been entertaining very appreciative audiences for many years in venues across the country, from Florida Gulfcoast resorts, to downtown Chicago, to California’s Napa Valley wineries. Combining polished guitar playing with his powerful vocals, he elicits very positive responses from all listeners through his one-of-a-kind blend of pop, country, folk, and other styles. Every song he plays is guaranteed to be an easily recognizable radio hit from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and all songs are performed as accurate, dead-on representations of the original records.

Additionally, Scott’s voice has an uncanny ability to change characteristics from one song to the next, evoking the sound and feel of the original vocalists. Performing the arrangements and vocals in this manner creates a huge appreciation from the audience members, as they are gratified to hear their favorite hits (in their words) “the way we remember them, the way they’re SUPPOSED to be done!”. Scott also cleverly mixes up the song styles during the show, so the audience happily has no idea where he’s going next. Not many artists would sing a Beatles song followed by U2, then Johnny Cash, then Boy George, then Neil Diamond, then Outkast, Jimmy Buffett, Men At Work, John Denver…and on it goes. Scott has a very extensive song list, and goes to great lengths to keep his shows “age appropriate” according to the general age of each audience. (I.e. no “Coldplay” if everyone is 60 years old, no “Roy Orbison” if everyone is 23!)

For a successful event, make Scott Duncan a key part of your entertainment plan. Whether a corporate gathering, private party, or restaurant music, a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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