«Skinshrink» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

A dynamic range of influences have come together to form the eclectic style of Skinshrink’s music; his early interest in metal was met with a curiosity in electronic music, prompting him to pursue the abrasive side of dance music, namely drum and bass and neurofunk.

In the late 90’s came Digital Warfare, the collaboration between Skinshrink and Chris Weaver, whose base was predominantly in Cambridge.

Skinshrink teamed up with Crosis to promote a live drum and bass and electronica event named The Itch featuring several local artists and drum and bass legends Technical Itch and Dom & Roland.

The Digital Warfare duo made an appearance at the Strawberry Fair Festival and later, Skinshrink joined forces with The Loopsoup crew and Bad Timing, having the opportunity of playing with American electropunk Kid606.

After leaving the Cambridge scene, Skinshrink performed at various shows spanning across London with DJs Kenny Ken and Nicky Blackmarket.

He also occasionally plays out live with old friends from the Deepah D’n’B crew.

Skinshrink returned to his studio work to focus on production. When not in the studio, Skinshrink plays live with doom metal pioneers Pagan Altar and London thrashers Chavie Bowler.