«Sort Stue» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The Copenhagen hiphop group Sort Stue spits out the words of political and conscious rap to the people. Their debut album ‘Prøver Å Nå Ut’ (In English: “Tryin’ To Reach Out”) was released fall 2006 and the album is completely D.I.Y.

Sort Stue consists of the three rappers Jake Jooke, Den Sorte Død , Vandrende Bein (= “Walking Legs”) and Fitnis. Jake Jooke creates and mixes most of the music and the tracks are mastered by Victor Jupin.

The group has been perfoming severel places in Denmark mostly in Copenhagen where they support both Christiania and Ungdomshuset.

Their homepage www.sortstue.org contains both (downloadable) tracks, tour dates and lyrics.

Sort Stue crew:

AntiKristian aka. ChrisChaos - rap, guitar

Brennt Vandrene Barn - rap, spoken word

Jake Juke aka. MC Grænsebrænder - rap, guitar, harmonica

Fitnis - rap

Blow Joe - electric bass, bass (kontrabass)

Oggenok - drums, percussion

Hottentot - drums, percussion

Vanen Tro - saxophone, guitar, harmonica, keys

MadsDestruction - keys, violin

Lester - rap

Sort Stue (LIVE)lyd is:

Asher - sound technician

Sort Stue ordbombeproduktionen is:

Niko Haiku - promotion, foto, web