«Storefront Congregation» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Storefront Congregation is a Louisville-based band known for their tight harmonies, fast picking, smooth sounds, and gritty rhythms. They pull inspiration from all types of music. Both standards and original material blend in a unique sound to satisfy any musical appetite.


Kent Houchin - Guitar/Vocals Kent dreamed of being a performer from early childhood, imitating his favorite artists: Bobby Darren, Ricky Nelson and John Denver. After learning to play guitar at age 12, he and Murrell participated in local talent shows with hopes of being the next “Buck Owens and Roy Clark.” Also a co-founder of New Horizon, he has made a lasting mark on Louisville-area music. Kent has since lent his talents on acoustic and electric guitar to many local bluegrass and country bands including: Wild Horses, Neon Cowboys, The Lonely Roads Band & Karen Kraft and Kiks. Because of his versatility, he is considered to be on the local and regional “A” list when bands need a substitute guitarist. Kent’s talents of writing, arranging, singing lead and harmony, as well as picking are a strong-hold of Storefront Congregation. His tasteful rhythm guitar and lead lines reflect his love of all kinds of music which he kindly shares with us and, in turn, with you.

Murrell Thixton - Banjo/Guitar/Vocals Originally from Mt. Washington, Kentucky was first inspired by music while attending church with his granddaddy. He acted on his love of music at age 12. When he learned the first half of Cripple Creek on the banjo, he was hooked! Murrell teamed with childhood friend, Kent Houchin, and picked in various small musical groups and experimented with different genres of music. As teenagers, they founded New Horizon, a mostly bluegrass band that reflected the rock ‘n roll and country music of the day. The popularity of New Horizon is legendary, and even today the name echoes in the Louisville music scene. Murrell & other local musicians co-founded Cast Iron Airplane, performing bluegrass, country & original songs. Again as a founding member, Murrell makes his mark in Storefront Congregation by sharing his talents of writing songs, playing banjo and guitar, as well as singing lead and harmony vocals.

Lauren White - Bass/Vocals Lauren was exposed to bluegrass music at an early age. Her dad’s love of traditional bluegrass music took them to many festivals in the Ohio Valley and beyond, where she fell asleep in the campgrounds to the drones of the music. She started playing bass fiddle at the age of nine. Her mother took her and brother, Ken, to numerous contests and shows where they honed their bluegrass skills and developed their unique sound. Lauren graduated from the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville, Kentucky, singing in the choir and studying orchestral and jazz bass. Lauren has been a member of the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra, bluegrass band Next Exit, traveled with bluegrass and original music band - Redwing from West Virginia, and a later configuration of New Horizon. Lauren’s lead and harmony vocals compliment the smooth sounds and gritty rhythms of Storefront Congregation’s solid and unique sound.

Nathan Livers - Mandolin/Vocals Since he was born, Nathan has been engulfed by music, from his papaw’s claw-hammer banjo playing, to his dad’s constant record playing. Bluegrass music is in his blood. A fan of Bill Monroe, Nathan picked up the mandolin at the age of 10. His dad taught him chords and melodies to some traditional songs. Never having formal lessons - Nathan learned his craft by practice, jamming, bluegrass festivals, and trial & error. Throughout the years, he has toured the country and honed his mandolin and vocal skill while playing in such bands as The ‘Get Down’ Bluegrass Boys with multiple award winning fiddle great Michael Cleveland, the entertainer and traditional bluegrass band award winning Charlie Lawson & Oak Hill, and Gary Brewer & the Kentucky Ramblers. Nathan is now an instructor, the “go to guy” for mandolin around Louisville, KY, and continues his family-legacy through his thoughtful picking, singing & songwriting with Storefront Congregation.