«System DJ» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Ryan Black aka System has been a fixture in the drum and bass scene for some time now. Focusing on the new school jump up sounds, he has made a name for himself dating back all the way to the days of ‘99 and eventually getting the attention of Dallas’ dnb godfather Adrian/Katalyst. This soon led to his first high profile gig at Trees. From there, he propelled himself within the ranks of the dnb soldiers. With his regular schedule of bookings and well known tag team sets with Gilbert/Titan and their success, he was then asked to join the seminal dnb Tuesday night Battletech as a resident alongside the Dykast family and Big Ballin Colin. Since then, he has traveled with it across it’s various venues dating back to the early Royal Rack days and impressively still continuing today.

Incidentally, not long after joining Battletech, the well known MC, Astro, came up with the idea to unite the various producers that were utilizing his microphone talents into one cohesive production team soon to be named DAP or Dirty Alien Project. This effort would be focused on merging the members love of both hip hop and dnb and striving to create something innovative and hopefully recognizable worldwide for it’s originality. Since then, DAP has become a launching pad for each of it’s members to produce their own distinctive sound as well. The key players being: Ryan, Trek, Croix, Cobalt alongside the MC skills of Denzil and Leo J.

Ryan has still kept his dj skills in top form with consistent gigs on a local and national basis. In addition, the first production efforts to be released will be his own album entitled System Sounds which will be coming to your ear holes mid February or March.

Looking towards the future, plans include the continuation of DAP’s current efforts which are now incorporating various new elements such as House, Breakbeat, Dubstep and of course their touchstone, dnb. This next effort will also include some very high profile appearances and collaborations. So don’t sleep.