«Teranoid» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

teranoid is an alias of Japanese BEMANI musician and producer Kosuke Saito, most widely known as kors k. Under this alias, he produces music in the nu-style gabba and UK Hardcore genres. He also often works with MC Natsack under this moniker to form the duo teranoid&MC Natsack. Kosuke often jokingly refers to teranoid as a female, and in the third person. Although teranoid and kors k are both psuedonyms of Kosuke Saito, they are treated as two separate entities. When gigadelic first appeared in beatmaniaIIDX 11 RED, there was much confusion as to the identity of teranoid. The style of music was dissimilar to that of any of the in-house artists of the time, and teranoid remained an enigma for a significant period of time.In beatmaniaIIDX teranoid’s works (often accompanied by vocals from MC Natsack) have been featured a number of times in Konami’s beatmania IIDX game series, with one of the artist’s most notable songs being gigadelic, a boss song from the game beatmaniaIIDX11: IIDX RED released in 2004. Additionally, teranoid remixed Akino’s song “The Keel” for another Konami music game, Pop’n Music 16 Party♪.Commercial Works teranoid has released four studio albums and one live recording album, all of which are compilations of works not just by teranoid, and many well known J-Core and Nu-Style Gabba artists. teranoid has also done a remix of J-Pop group AAA’s “Virgin F” as part of their “Remix Attack” album. teranoid has also been featured on HOBiRECORDS compilations “Ultra Violet presents COSMO NOVA x HEAVENSWiRE” and “Ultimate A-Style”. teranoid has also released a limited edition CDR entitled “teranoid overground edition for DJ’S ONLY BLACK” at Comiket 72.DiscographyCD releases (in chronological order) -teranoid underground edition (CD - HOBiRECORDS) -teranoid overground edition (CD - avex trax) -teranoid overground edition 1.04 (CD - avex trax) -teranoid overground edition KOJA YUKINO (CD - avex trax) -teranoid anthems [email protected] (CD - HOBiRECORDS) -teranoid overground edition for DJ’S ONLY BLACK (limited CDR - RUSH HOUR2 LABEL)Other Songs -gigadelic (from beatmaniaIIDX11 IIDX RED Original Soundtrack) -tripping contact (from beatmaniaIIDX13 DistorteD Original Soundtrack) -tripping contact (teranoid&MC Natsack Mix) (from beatmaniaIIDX13 DistorteD Original Soundtrack) -ay carumba!! (from beatmaniaIIDX13 DistorteD Original Soundtrack) -Drop da Hardcore *with MC Kent, MC Natsack, and MC Rally* (from Ultimate A-Style) -THE DETONATOR *with L.E.D.-G* (from Denjin K (電人K ?))Remixes -DJ Shimamura feat. MC Rally - Soldier (teranoid&MC Natsack Remix) (from Soldier) -Lia - Anata ga iru dake de (あなたがいるだけで ?) ~Teranoid&MC Natsack REMIX~ (from enigmatic LIA) -Lia - Ana 〜teranoid & MC Natsack Remix〜 (from enigmatic LIA2) -Lia - Crystal World ~teranoid Remix~ (from enigmatic LIA3) -kino - The Keel (Nu-Style Gabba Remix) (from Pop’n Music 16 Party♪ Original Sountrack)