«The Concretes» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The Concretes are a Swedish band composed of eight members. The Concretes began as a three member band with Victoria Bergsman, Maria Eriksson, and Lisa Milsberg, in 1995 in Stockholm. Since then they have picked up members, growing into an eight piece band. They also have a number of “Honorary Concretes” who play on their records. One of their songs from their album The Concretes, Say Something New, has been featured on TV advertisements in the United States for Target. Another of their songs “Chico”, has been remixed by Australian electronic artists The Avalanches. Maria Eriksson is also half the band Heikki, with guitarist Jari Haapalainen. They released their self-titled debut, a mini-cd, in Scandinavia in 2002. The follow-up, Heikki 2, appeared in 2004. Group members:Lisa Milberg – current lead vocalist, drums Maria Eriksson – guitar, lead and backup vocals Martin Hansson – bass, backup vocals Ulrik Karlsson – horns, piano, backup vocals Per Nyström – organ, backup vocals Ludvig Rylander – horns, piano and backing vocals Daniel Värjö – guitar, mandolin, backup vocals Victoria Bergsman - Vocals An email to fans dated July 25th stated that Victoria has left the band to pursue a solo career. Surely this will change The Concretes sounds markedly, though the integrity that characterises their work is sure to remain whatever decision the band make.