«The Fault» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The Fault: the standard lack of emotions in the existence, the fascinating aspect of contrasts in modern life, the Alpha/Omega concept. Giving birth to this project, Triod wants to show the cold paranoiac energy of the opposites, materializing it in his own musical creature.

Industrial Dance Vibrations including hard hammering beats contrasting with melodic leads and lots of brainwashing euphoria, this is the cocktail.

Triod, born some time ago, in the dark suburbs of nowhere, grown up looking through the window with indifferent attitude but conscious of compromises which keep the world spinning around, the violence, the hypocrisy, the cynism and the apathy.

So, your dinner is prepared! This is what you need, a slow painless way to leave the living and join a new dance dimension made of confusion, chaos, pulp sweetness and peaceful grimness.

It will lead you through the unseen corner of your fucking mind until you’ll need it as a drug, then you’ll fall in its hand…

And this is your Fault.


The Fault are also an electric fourpiece, hailing from Perth, Western Australia. The band consists of James Rogers (guitar/lead vocals), Akemi Corbett (keyboard/vocals), Dave Carter (bass/vocals) and Cam Hines (drums). Their immense musical diversity makes genre classification an impossible feat, with influences as diverse as Blondie, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Joy Division.

James and Dave met in TAFE, and formed the band Sour Cream and The Wedges, however soon branched away into the superior musicality of The Fault. Cam also joined the band from TAFE, and introduced his girlfriend, Akemi to the mix, hence, The Fault was formed. The band enjoys a dedicated local fanbase, after winning The Next Big Thing competition in 2005, and performing at the 2006 Big Day Out. They play regular gigs locally, and have a possible national tour in late 06.

Their debut EP, Prologue/Epilogue, with indie record label QStik was released Sept 4th 2006, and their first single “The Memoirs of Dr Mafesto” recieves regular airtime on Triple J.