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The, Like This started as out as the band, The Tim Barrette Experience as a fun band that played catchy songs and covers. Then as time went on, they wanted to make this an actual band that people would want to hear, and started The, Like This. Original members included Jake Davis on Vocals, Tim Barrete on Guitar, Al Pal on Bass, and T.J. on Drums. They played a few shows at this point, but times changed and there was a new direction the band was heading, and after a couple member changes, Madison Woodward from (Rob Carson) and Kyle Thomas (Rob Carson) became the new drum and bass players. They went on to record at love juice labs and made a new demo called “Endoplasmic Reticulum”. The, Like This is looking for labels and to catch the heart of everyone with heartfelt lyrics and with tunes that are catchy an epic. Be on the lookout for them!!

from their myspace (www.myspace.com/thelikethis)

We are a band that loves everything, we hope to revive a dying out local indie scene by trying to do things our way, we would love to see our fans creating friendship with eachother. We would love to have a friendly environment at our shows all the time…

Songs so far…

In Spite of Everything

The Bags are Packed


Waiting On A Holiday

Miss Idaho