«The Palace at 4AM» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The Palace at 4am is an alternative rock group based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their sound varies from strictly rock/alternative to folk rock/alternative country. Usually performing with five to seven members, most songs are written individually rather than collaboratively, forgoing a more unifying sound for a mix of styles. The band is known for switching instruments and lead vocal duties during the live performance, and for varying between largely rock sets with electric guitar and folk-oriented sets with banjo, mandolin, violin, glockenspiel, and ukulele.

A few members of the group began playing under this name in 2009. The current lineup formed in 2010. A few unofficial live recordings exist from shows during 2010-2012. The band’s first official release, Live in Dorothy Day, surfaced in 2012. It is a single-take, live recording with an accompanying video.