«The Tolstoys» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Kirill Samoylov - vocal, guitar

Igor Khabarov - drums

So, now take The Tolstoys, by the way great name guys, they’re from Ekaterinburg, right there near the Ural Mountains, and if that’s no clearer get a map. Russia’s big.

The Tolstoys originally started out in 2010 (as ‘Ipcress’) where they earned some local respect at Ekaterinburg’s main music venue the Teleclub, with a damn good 60’s beat sound.

“From that times many things have changed… we became more grungy and wild… with a ‘dirty’ guitar sound you can find on the classic rhythm-and-blues of the 60s”

They had an an E.P. cut in July 2012 and stuck the tracks on Soundcloud. Russian bands don’t have to be a secret.

Here’s The Tolstoys.