«The Winter Sounds» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Playing 217 shows across America in 2007, The Winter Sounds seem to have an insatiable enthusiasm for touring, sleeping on floors and getting their music heard. For members of the band, the road is their home. They are the perfect example of the DIY work ethic, of taking an inventory of life and then deciding to believe in yourself enough to mortgage your future for your dream.

The band originally started in January 2006 as a studio project and a way for singer/songwriter Patrick Keenan to document his ideas - but the group was inspired and decided to take it on the road. Four months into touring on their independent release, Land of No Output, The Winter Sounds signed to Livewire Recordings.

Since then Keenan has recruited a revolving cast of the Southeast’s finest young and talented musicians to support his vision. The newest album Porcelain Empire encompasses “the sound of all seasons, evoking every shimmering, driving, melodic and melancholic cornerstone of the last two decades of indie rock.” (Heeb Magazine) The band infuses elements of new wave, punk, and synth pop into their carefully crafted and lyrically inspiring songs to create a wholly new sound. Summer of 2008 sees the Winter Sounds heading back to the studio to record a new album with an international tour to follow.

The Winter Sounds are never content with good enough, pushing themselves to exhaustion, and doing what they have always dreamed of doing. They are always on tour and they are coming to your town.