«Thom Revolver» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Thom Revolver was a pop band from The Netherlands. They died in november 2005.

They swapped band members many times.

They thought that songs like Raw Power, Detonation Boulevard, The Reflex, Relax, Yepa Yepa Yepa, and The S.A.S. And The Glam That Goes With It definitely were the blue print of their sound. The heroes have the right to remain silent.

In retrospect, pop music was first and foremost a regressive movement. The discovery that pop, with its voracious ambition, had literally usurped all the open space available, and had apparently left only the centre and the periphery to others, failed to inspire even a modicum of modesty in the modern pop star.

They were far more talented at playing disturbing pop songs rather than saying interesting things. We’re sorry.

They did some interesting stuff