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Tom Vanstiphout (born 29 April 1975) is a Belgian musician who has made two solo albums and has toured with Clouseau, Jan Leyers and Milow.

Vanstiphout was born in Kapellen. He started his musical career with Morbid Elly, a short-lived band with his sister which only produced one six song demo tape. He then became a professional musician as a live band member for a number of Belgian artists like Jan Leyers, Clouseau or Milow. He also regularly plays with De Laatste Showband in a daily talkshow on Eén.

In his solowork, he is mainly influenced by James Taylor. He made his first album, Motion, in 2004, which landed him a number of concerts, a.o. on Folk Dranouter. In 2009, he released a second album, Working Man.

He is often considered one of Belgium's finest musicians, both as a studio musician and as a live performer. In 2009, he was one of the four nominees for Best Musician at the MIA's, the Belgian Music Industry Awards.


  • 2004: Motion (full CD)
  • 2009: Working Man (full CD)


  • 2002: Neeka, Candy Comfort
  • 2008: Milow, Coming of Age


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