«U.M.M.» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

U.M.M. is an old school ebm band from Portugal, formed in 2007. In 2007 a small group of 3 friends decided to form an EBM band with strong influences and attitude focused on oldschool EBM. With a Smooth, Calm, Warm, Sexy and sometimes Deranged, Aggressive, Punk and Militaristic atitude, always an undoubtful great smile upon our faces and with a special taste for beer (mainly the Portuguese “Sagres”) has born a new notorious, sarcastic EBM/PUNK band that surely will not be indiferent to the general critics. For now UMM will mainly sing in portuguese. Stay tuned to UMM! OUR EBM IS NOT POLITICAL!!! THE GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC IS REALLY WHAT MAKES THIS MACHINE WORK!!! DON’T EVER JUDGE US WRONG!!! “U.M.M.” IS NOT A POLITICAL BAND (WE DON’T PUSH TO ANY KIND OF POLITICAL EXTREMISM - NOT FROM THE FAR RIGHT SIDE OR FROM THE FAR LEFT SIDE) - but we surely have our own political ideas… each one with his own point of view. By Gastão from U.M.M. (Joao from U.M.M. was also a member of now-disbanded harsh EBM group Control Alt Deus)