«UCNX» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

UCNX is an audio assault project based out of NJ/Philly from Doug Sudia and John Monette focusing mainly on the industrial/electronic scene. Theirs is a fusion of various styles ranging from classic Electro-Industrial, IDM, Coldwave, Ambient, and Noise into a collection of storming club and experimental tracks with strong vocals, an overall rock sensibility, and strong respect to the past acts of the Wax Trax and Re-Constriction days, without being stuck in them.

Doug & John have known each other since the 2nd grade, and although they are a breakthrough new act they have been conspiring on music together for the past decade. What started as a fun hobby evolved into a serious beast: Dedication to their craft, to actual songwriting that can still fill the floor to maximum capacity. Fueled by influence without imitation, accesability without comprimise.

Their mission is to infiltrate your daily rotation and supply you with an adrenaline rush to your system.