«Vibronics and Jah Free» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

jah free in reggae music over 30 years. first in the band ‘bushfire’ songwritin an arranging. started rainbow studio, (still named so), band stopped, he carried on to produce and release and distribute his own music, 7” ‘wicked cant run’, 12” ‘lightning clap’ and 10” ‘riddym’, zion train included the 10” riddym’ track on their ‘lead with the bass 2’ release on vinyl and c.d.

zion train then released on the ‘universal egg lable’ his already completed works ‘breaking out’,

again on vinyl and c.d. then came ‘all the world in an egg’ c.d. which featured ‘stringed instrument’, then ‘love one another featured on ‘the egg files’, ‘outernational dub convention’ c.d. l.p. with ‘vibronics’ came next, followed by ‘rod of correction’ on zion trains ‘deep root’ lable.

then it was back to jah free releases, the ‘unity’ and ‘dub unity’ c.d.s one the ‘jahfree music’ lable

and 2 7” singles ‘rebelman’ on ‘jah free music’ and ‘burn dem’ on ‘kibish tribe’ from munich.

c.d. that the 2 x 7” were taken from, ‘rebel in this time’ now on release. then.

12” ‘turnin the grace’ vox by ‘sister ‘simiah’ on 1 side , ‘stop the fight’ vox dan-i (it) on the other, ‘jah free music’ label, plus a 10” from ‘united forces of dub’ (cz), ‘run babylonian b/w ‘long time bad man’ by ‘juakali’ most tunes available from [email protected] one love.