«Wishdoom» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Wishdoom is an epic / doom / heavy metal band hailing from Thessaloniki (Northern Greece). A primary form of the band was created in the beginning of 2007 by Samarithan G. (guitars) and Christos Patses (bass guitar).

A year after, Panagiotis Botis (drums) entered the band to fill the starting line-up. Three months later, in June 2008 the band under the name Wishdoom enter the studio to record their first demo called Up The Hammers. During the recordings, several vocalists were tested until Chris A.D. Paschalidis (Anno Domini, ex-Poisoned Henna) was chosen to do the vocals as a guest musician. The outcome was a passionate epic / doom elegy, in the tracks of early-Manowar, Warlord, Manilla Road, Doomsword, Omen and other great 80 ‘s bands. With music and vocals matching perfectly, Chris fully entered the band. Fanzines and Webzines gave “Up The Hammers” excellent reviews and the band makes its great first steps.

In February 2009 WISHDOOM perform live for the first time along with Marauder and Sormbringer in Thessaloniki.

A year after the release of “Up The Hammers”, Wishdoom strike back with the new EP, call Winds Of War, produced by Kyriakos Vasdokas (Crosswind) and generally adopting a more professional attitude. The self-financed EP, consisted of 5 true epic metal songs highlighting some of the masters of the genre, gained dithyrambic reviews in print and electronic music media and opened the road for the band’s further recognition.

At their second live performance in September 2009 in Thessaloniki, Wishdoom leave the best impressions supporting Domine.

In 2009 the band caught attention of Metal On Metal Records who, impressed by the quality of their EP, offered them a record deal.

The band is currently arranging their next live appearances (including the 2-days festival “Warlords Of Steel II” alonside with Crystal Viper, Sorrow Path, Mind Wire Society and Burden Of Legacy at the end of February 2010) and simultaneously working on new songs for their debut full-length album HELEPOLIS, scheduled for October 2010.


Chris A.D. Paschalidis - Vocals

George Samarithan G. - Guitars & Backing Vocals

Christos Patses - Bass Guitars

Dimitris Raptis - Drums

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/wishdoom#ixzz0r9aN4DuV