«Yoshihiro Sakaguchi» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, better known by his pseudonym: Yuukichan’s Papa, did music and/or sound effects for many of Capcom’s early titles, and was even involved with Mega Man and Street Fighter in both series’ early beginnings. Little is known about the legendary composer, but he left Capcom in the mid 90’s, and according to an english translation of this site (via excite.co.jp/world/english/web), he seems to have some involvement with the Mobile Suit Gundam anime franchise.

Known works (incomplete most likely):

* 1943: The Battle of Midway

* Mega Man — Sound Effects (credited as Yuukichan’s Papa)

* Mega Man 2 — Sound Effects (credited as Yuukichan’s Papa; worked on with Manami Matsumae [as Manami Ietel])

* Street Fighter — Music and Sound Effects (credited as Yuukichyan’s Papa)

* Avenger — Credited as New Half Yoshihiro (worked on with Tamayo Kawamoto)

* DuckTales (rumor, no official source to really confirm it)

* Code Name:Viper (again, just a rumor, no official source to confirm it)

* Legendary Wings (NES version) — Sound Programmer (worked on with Tamayo Kawamoto (as T.Mayochan) and Manami Gotoh (as Chanchacorin Manami)

* Final Fight — Music and Sound Effects (credited as Youki chan’s Papa)

* Forgotten Worlds (credited as Yuukichan No Papa)

* Mercs — Sound Effects (credited as Y. Sakaguchi)

* Warriors of Fate (credited as Oyabun)